BrewShuffle lets you

  • Keep track of who's drinking your homebrew.
  • Have your friends review your homebrew.
  • Keep better records of tastings
  • Meet new homebrewers in your area.
  • Setup homebrew events.
  • Generate labels for your homebrew with QR codes that link directly to your brew page
  • Get a forum signature with your latest brews and stats

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Brew Map

Find local home brewers and try some of their tasty labors. Using the brew map allows you to quickly find home brewers with brews they want to share.

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What is a "Shuffle"?

It is the act of sharing or enjoying home brewers' labors. Creating a shuffle is easy. First sign up. Add a brew. Decide what type of bottles to share. Finally, wait for some people to find your beer creations and let them enjoy.

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